Long time no posting

Been a while since I’ve posted last.

Last season was a very short one due to a number of different factors. This year due to a shoulder surgery I won’t be able to focus on 50m prone but instead I am going to put all my effort into shooting AP60.

So far this season I’ve shot 1 STÍ match and 3 in-house matches.

Managed to shoot 520 in the Kopavogs Open, which was just 5 points shy of moving up in the national standings.

With a PR of 532 I’m fairly confident and excited for my next match which is in the first weekend of February.

First time in over 8 months.

Yesterday was the first time in over 8 months that I’ve been able to get behind my rifle in prone. Shot around 10 sighters without any sight adjustments just to see if I would even hit the target, let alone if I was managing a decent group, few shots to adjust the sights.

Shot two 10 shot groups, first group was 103.1, not bad, second group was 98, since I was already feeling fatigued from only around 30+ shots I called it a day. But all in all was happy to get back behind it

It’s amazing how much mental therapy it can be when you are back to doing something you love.

Season has come to an end

This years season of 50m prone is now over and done with and due to certain circumstances I was only able to compete in 3 matches this season, missed the first two due to personal reasons, and missed the last three due to two different surgeries on my left (dominant) arm.

Shoulder surgery back in early February and a wrist surgery just a week ago.

I’m looking forward to this summer, plan is to shoot way more than normally and be 150% when the next season rolls up this coming fall.

New personal record (PR)

Today was the first match of the year and first match with my new stock. Over the past weeks I’ve only been able to get a live fire practice about 3 times, including a match practice the day before.

In the last match before changing the stock I managed to shoot a new PR of 599.2, it gave me some worries that with a new stock I’d have to really learn how to shoot again, and over the 3 practices and some dry fire ones I seemed to have managed to adjust the stock to my liking.

I adjusted the sight cant, I adjusted the trigger position, I adjusted the trigger shoe angle, I adjusted the cheek piece and buttplate, my posture among other things.

All the small adjustments seemed to have made a good impact, as I shoot a new PR today with a score of 604.7, improving my old PR by 5.5 points, which landed me in 4th place overall.


New stock – Tesro Evolution 10 Pro

Decided to go with the Tesro Evolution 10 Pro mainly due to it being at half the price of the going stocks for 1807 (1918 and Mec Mark I), I was a little worried and hesitant due to it being not used by any top shooter (that I was able to find atleast) also when I mentioned it to few shooters here I got the “who?”.

Ordered the stock from http://www.buinger.com/ GREAT service and great people. Took within 4 weeks to arrive from the German manufacturer, to Buinger and to me.


Unboxed and waiting

The inletting they did for the Anschutz 54 round action is ambidextrous, so a right handed 54 could be dropped into the stock with out a problem also. Not sure if this is the case when ordering a right handed stock or of it’s the same with their Evo 20 stock.



The forend is hollowed out with minor structural ribs to keep it solid and not flexing, also has went slots on the sides.


Unboxed it and first impression was that it is a solid stock, looks great, and the laminated wood grip and cheekpiece look awesome.

Buttplate low position

Buttplate low position

Butt plate high position

Butt plate high position

Original buttplate position is very low and might be fine for 3 position when kneeling or standing but the buttplate guide can be inverted to get the buttplate up high enough for me when shooting in the prone position.

The cheekpiece is made ambidextrous and can be adjusted in multiple ways, tilt, offset, twist and height.

Right angle

Right angle

Left angle

Left angle

Adjusted forward

Adjusted forward

Adjusted rear

Adjusted rear

Belly of the beast

Belly of the beast

I brought the stock home and took the action out of the old stock and directly into the new one and took it to one of the clubs to try it out. I made some initial adjustments, took 5 shots made more adjustments, 5 shots and more adjustments.

After about 20-25 shots I may have it in a way I want it, only time will tell now.

Last 9 shots of the evening after adjusting the stock. Did not adjust the sights.

Last 9 shots of the evening after adjusting the stock. Did not adjust the sights.



In conclusion I really like the stock, did not see many things that this one is has or doesn’t have that the big names have.

Things I would like to change: More grip options, adjustment end-stops similar to anschutz, buttplate guide able to directly accept other buttplates.

The original buttplate was just a tad too small and slippery for my taste and without the hook, it felt like it was slipping on my shoulder, so I used my machining skills and made some changes to my 4765 carrier bar and mounted it to the Tesro guide plate.

Tricked into shooting Air Pistol 60

Over the past year I had been thinking about venturing into AP60 but somehow never got around to it. However since I don’t own a gun for it I haven’t been shooting it, but I got tricked into the Kopavogs Open with a club gun, Walther LP400.

I have in the past shot an air pistol, but I have never shot it for real just goofing around. I showed up for my first practice 2 days before the open, but missed the match practice.

First practice

First practice 413

Day of the match I was fairly relaxed as there wasn’t any pressure on me. No expectation, nothing.Two days before the Open, I had a look at the classifications and noted that I would only, yes I say “only”, have to shoot each round with 80 or over. Shot the first series with 85, second with 82 and third with 80, having me with a +7 point lead on my goal (480 total).


In my 4th series I shot a devastating 77, at that point I though to myself “I’m still up 4 points, focus and do this”, which I then did, managed to shoot 85 in my 5th series and finishing with 82 in the 6th, with a total of 491, +11 point above the 480 that I had wanted, so I was very happy with my first ever AP60 match.

491 total

491 total


Slow start, new class.

Season has finally started, and with already three matches down. Missed the first but managed to compete in the other two.

Managed to shoot a “terrible” 584.8 due to my own mistakes and lack of practice. I made the decision not to let that happen again so I decided to try to do more on my technique.

This clearly payed off as I shot a new PR the week before and when I showed up for last practice before the match, shot a single round of 102.3 with an ugly drop on my last shot that landed in 9.4.

597.5 new PR

597.5 new PR



I shot a good 599.2 a new personal record which earned me a 6th overall and I managed to advance into first class. Bad news is that the next class is at 615 (MQS).

Final match of the season

I know I had already stated the last match had been held, but one outdoor match was held as the last match. It was a part of the national series but was also a warmup match for the GSSE 2015 which will be held in Iceland now in June.

Range setup was very nice.


This was the first time using my new sights and I hadn’t even sighted them in properly when I showed up that morning. The night before there was a very short pre-match training, cut short due to contractors being ahead of schedule (that’s something new) and had to work on the range, but in the short pre-match training I managed to get the sights on target and used the sighting time to get them honed in.

We had a mild wind coming in from the north/north-east. It was shifting abit but nothing to worry about, or so I thought.

First series I shot 101.8, followed by 95.4, 101, 100.1 and 97.0 it was before my last series that I did not note the subtle change in wind. First shot landed high in the low 8, and due to my inexperience I didn’t blame the wind but blamed myself and it wasn’t until after 3 or 4 shots (landing high 8’s and low 9’s) I decided to adjust the sights, but I clicked them in too late and since I wasn’t used to them I clicked them too little to begin with. Last series ended in a dreadful 90.8, giving me a total of 586.1, still class 2 but barely. Total of 18 inner ten’s and only 1* in the last series.

1st Gudmundur Helgi 2nd Valur Richter 3rd Ivar Mar Valsson

1st Gudmundur Helgi
2nd Valur Richter
3rd Ivar Mar Valsson